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If you are looking for dark and moody presets with that ” film ” style look then these are the presets for you . They are full of rich warm colours that bring your images to life . Don’t fear , If thats not your your “style” they are very easy to adjust as you go . I have tested the images across a wide range of camera brands from Sony , Nikon , Canon , Fuji and all only require small adjustments to get you great consistency.
The set will contain 5 colour presets variants and 2 black and white presets . If you are still unsure about purchasing the Ocean Eyes Presets just drop me an email and I will be more than happy to edit some of your images to give you a better feel for what they will look like on your work .

*** YOU ALSO GET 2 BONUS TEXTURES FOR A ” FILM” LOOK AND A “SOFTER” TONE . YOU ALSO GET 1 RADIAL FILTER SUNFLARE. ( These bonus features must be applied after you use the preset to work together ).

( Please note – In sending me over your images via email you are giving me permission to edit your work )

* The Ocean Eyes Preset range works with Adobe Lightroom and works best with RAW files.

* Please make sure that your Lightroom is up to date as the presets work with XMP files.

* Please note presets are not a wonder cure to make your work better over night , you have to take into consideration how you shoot your sessions and the lighting used . The Ocean Eyes Presets will however speed up your work flow and improve your consistency.

* Presets must be purchased from James Morris Photography in order to use them.


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