Ghosting email


Does this sound familiar ?

* Client gets in touch.
* You send over pricing information.
* Client vanishes off the face of the earth.
* You send out emails with no response.

So now you are stuck in limbo worrying when the next booking is coming in.
Should you book over that date ?
Do you give up or chase the booking ?

***I usually send this email 2/3 days after my initial email response goes out ***



Fed up of getting ghosted by potential future clients ?

I have tested multiple emails over the last 2 years to try and find the best mix of wording and text to get a response , some are positive and some just give you closure that you are looking for .
This email I have put together has given myself and many others a very high response rate and has got me a LOT of bookings from leads that appeared to have vanished .

This email is not to be sent as an initial response but to be sent as a follow up to your initial response if you don’t get any answers. The email is polite , to the point and creates a sense of urgency which gets a response that you are looking for .


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