A Hemswell Court Wedding 

Clare and Lynne got married last June in the beautiful Hemswell Court in Lincolnshire, which is a unique wedding venue in Gainsborough. It was such a happy day and even the rain didn’t dampen the day!

Clare got ready at her parents house with her sisters and bridal party, the atmosphere was full of excitement. She then jumped into her Fathers vintage car to get to the ceremony. Lynne got ready at Hemswell Court and arrived in style accompanied by a number of her RAF companions.

The ceremony was a beautiful service in the main hall at Hemswell Court which was so personal and welcoming to all involved. The ambiance of the venue was very homely and warm in comparison to the weather outside. The room was mainly lit with candles and dim lighting which proved very difficult to photograph in but the end results turned out to be fantastic. During the ceremony they had several beautiful readings from friends and family. It was such a personal service and so beautiful.

The reception was pretty wild at Hemswell Court in Lincolnshire. They chose the venue because it’s so cosy and relaxed and they just fell in love with it. It was my first time shooting a wedding at this venue . I love shooting Hemswell Court weddings because the light is just incredible.

They had a cocktail drinks reception in the afternoon, and played beer pong in the evening. YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE BEER PONG IMAGES !!! They decorated the venue with very subtle decor which really complimented there surroundings.

The best part of the day was the afternoon reception because the moves were hilariously bad. Having said that im not one to judge as I am awful at dancing even when I slip on my blue suede shoes.

Clare and Lynne’s wedding was so laid back and just the happiest occasion. Here’s their gorgeous wedding!

If you’re planning a Hemswell Court wedding, get in touch!

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