The best part about meeting wedding couples is that we go on a journey together, i do not class them as my ' clients' but more so ' wedding friends ' .
We share a journey of emotions throughout the day which shows how much the day means to them, therefore I want to document the day exactly how it unfolds with raw emotions.


I first spoke to Jess and Nathan (mainly Jess as she didn't let Nathan speak haha )  back at the start of 2017 where we exchanged messages back and forth for some time. Eventually we came to the conclusion we would meet up for a drink and have a chat which then I turned into an engagement session due to them travelling such a long distance to meet me in Nottinghamshire which I greatly appreciated.


Very early on it became apparent to me that Jess and Nathan were one of the most genuine and loving couples and I could not wait to photograph their wedding day.


Fast forward to the summer of 2018 ' The Day ' was finally here AND I GOT TO PHOTOGRAPHY THE WEDDING OF JESS AND NATHAN AT THE AMAZING EASTNOR CASTLE !!!!! It was a Disney themed wedding which of course the couple decided on after getting engaged at Disney Land.


I stood outside Eastnor Castle and could not contain my excitement that I would actually be photographing a wedding here, so I went running inside and checking out the interior of the extraordinary building moments later I got booted out by staff as they had not finished setting up .....ooopsie
When I was finally allowed back in I was like a kid at Christmas ! I could see so many opportunities for photographs.


Bridal prep was emotional , Groom prep was stylish and the entrance into the ceremony was quite unique and magical as Jess made her way down the stunning staircase to be met at the bottom of the stairs by her price charming ( Nathan ) surrounded by friends and family . They walked hand in hand into the ceremony room and exchanged the most happiest of vows. We now had a Mr and Mrs Smith , in their unique style they left the castle via horse and carriage and went on a journey around Eastnor Castle grounds ( while I chased them ... dohhh ).


Special mentions have to go out for the time and effort into preparing the day , the sit down meal was insanely detailed and the first dance was simply stunning , keeping their unique style going they rehearsed their first dance leading up to the wedding and they executed it perfectly.
It was such an honour to be part of such a special day <3





Second shooter - Christian John O'Reilly ( Fire and Ice )


Videographer - Bigger Boat films
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